Channeled Sharah

We are here to teach you who you truly are.

We have come here to teach you who you truly are. Most humans think they are their thoughts and emotions. You are not.

You are the consciousness that creates your thoughts and emotions. Most humans follow their thoughts and get trapped in thinking that you are that. You are not what lives in your mind but what lives in your body. The time has come for you to realize your true nature.  That you are the consciousness that is in your body, not in your mind.

To be at one with life is to be fully in the present moment because this is the only place that life can be found. Your life will never be not now and never has been not now. Even if you could travel to the future or the past, the time would still be now.

 Let us show you how to come into the now and find the part of you that is truly living. Most people go through life and never really live at all, because they never came here right now to live. They either live in the past or the future of their own mind. If you spend your life living like this you will be eighty years old and wonder if you were ever happy at all. You will not know because you never actually came here to live right now. 

If we create our own reality (and you do) then what are you creating for yourself?

Your mind goes through all emotions good and bad. This is what you are creating for yourself. Even when you manifest something in your life that makes you happy at the present time it will change with your ever-changing thoughts. We will teach you the part of you that is everlasting so that when you create your own reality it will be filled with everlasting joys, from the place of awareness that you truly are.

It is time to get out of your mind and quit creating the reality you think you want and start creating the reality you truly want.